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Ouaassine Zaid Morocco Tour

Ouaassine Zaid

Our Morocco tour leader is a native Berber from southern Morocco. Mr. Zaid has traveled extensively in Africa and Europe and owns his own travel agency, which he opened in 2000. He is also a representative of several travel associations and agencies, including Maroconline-France, Blue Man of Morocco-USA, Atbir Voyage-France, Maroc Excellence-Grande Bretagne.  A graduate of the University of Marrakech, Mr. Zaid completed degrees in economics and tourism.



Kheira Ilahiane Morocco Tour

Kheira Ilahiane

Our assistant tour leader is a native Berber from eastern Morocco. Ms. Ilahiane is president of the Association d’ Ecotourisme et le tourisme Rural,” a position she has held since 2010. She is also president of  “Association FADMA,” a regional group  focusing on women and environmental issues, and has been a member of the Aoufous Town Council since 2009, and manages Maison d’Hotes Sahara in Errachida. Ms. Ilahiane holds a law degree from the University of Meknes.